Dream On - Sunday

Dream On
Cloud Dance Festival @ the Chisenhale Dance Space, London
26 - 28 September 2008

Reviewed by: Mary Kate Connolly

There is something about the jaunty cosiness of the Chisenhale Dance Space which seemed to suit the Cloud Dance Festival just perfectly. Something perhaps in the warmth of the careworn, mismatched furniture which bedecks the lobby…and equally in the sleek simplicity of the studio theatre, complete with exposed factory-brick wall.

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Dream On - Friday

Chisenhale Dance Space, London
26-28th September 2008

Reviewed by: Rebecca Goor
Friday 26th September

The Cloud Dance Festival: Dream On, opened the weekend’s entertainment with the choreography of Lina Patterson. ‘M’ promised inspiration from Greek mythology through guilt, passion, frustration and rejection. These themes were all evident within the gestural, quirky movements performed, although it could have been explored further dynamically and portrayed more through the repetitive structure. The music co-existed effortlessly within the space and the overall atmosphere felt easy but engaging.

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Dream On - Saturday

Cloud Dance Festival - Chisenhale Dance Space

27 September 2008

Reviewed by Debbie Shine



Udifydance presented PLeX, duet choreographed & performed by Chay Burrows and Christopher Reynolds.  The sheer physicality of these two men dancing in perfect sync with each other, reacting to each other and playing with dynamics and suspension, created a captivating piece of choreography.

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