Reviews are important to us, as we guarantee our participants at least two reviews of their performance for constructive feedback and for their portfolios.

We are very fortunate that we have managed to accumulate a number of extremely good reviewers who we turn to when we start planning each new festival; not only do we look forward to seeing them again and reading what they thought of each show, it's rewarding for us to see the festival develop and grow through their eyes.

A number of our critics are relatively new to reviewing, so we offer them the chance to get started and published, and we work closely with them (when needed) in producing their final reviews. As we are firm believers in the value of a well-written review, we'll happily take quality over experience.

We are also extremely fortunate to be reviewed on a regular basis by external sites such as London Dance, Remotegoat, Ballet Magazine and The Londonist among others; you can find a link to their reviews on each of the review pages.