DSC5661Rebecca Namgauds is one of Showtime's new choreographers: a recent graduate and a founding member of both Rutherford Dance Company Youth and RDC, gaining recognition for her choreography, winning a competition which allowed her to create the initial version of Severed Dreams. An extended version will be performed on Friday 15 November, and further details can be found here.

Rebecca's application for Cloud Dance Festival impressed us highly with her strong movement language which draws on different dance styles with distinct Oriental influences.

One of the joys of Cloud Dance Festival is finding talented new graduates, and as we interviewed Rebecca alongside Johnny Autin and Adam Rutherford, it was good to hear them both discuss how impressed they are with her work so far. 

Originally from Cheshire, Rebecca trained at the University of Wolverhampton, and her background includes hip hop, African dance and gymnastics, as well as a strong interest in perforrmance art and scenography; it's interesting to see how all these influences come together in her movement style while still retaining a distinctive and unique voice. Hungry to learn more, Rebecca has taken workshops with many of the leading companies, and in her trailer, you can listen to her talking excitedly about Gaga and how it's influenced her choreography - let's hope she finds a way to train with Batsheva in Tel Aviv soon, then!

Alongside her studies, she has worked with Adam Rutherford as a member of his youth dance company, RDC Youth, and following graduation, she became its Rehearsal Director, and is now a founding member of his new company RDC, which is of course premiering its debut work on the same night at Cloud Dance Festival. Friday 15 November will be a busy night for Rebecca: not only is she premiering Severed Dreams, but she is also performing in Autin Dance Theatre and RDC, the culmination of several busy months with the three works coming together, and collaborating closely with other professional dance artists. 

We're really impressed by her work - we hope you will be too. And in the meantime, we hope you enjoy her trailer, featuring an interview and rehearsal footage as a taster of what she has in store for you. 



Photos by Chantal Guevara