DSC6569Even back in 2009, Luke Jennings of the Observer highlighted Jo Meredith as a promising female choreographer to watch out for: in his review of a work she created for Lo Commotion Dance Company, performed at the Arcola Theatre, he wrote "This multilayering might appear overambitious, were it not for the piercing clarity of Meredith's choreography.

"By fusing raw detail to a silvery neoclassicism, she creates a movement vocabulary that reflects both the fractured anguish of the contemporary text and the luminescence of the baroque oratorio. Jagged torsions unclench into melancholy curves; catapulting leaps freeze and contract. You could strip the text back to almost nothing, so precisely does Meredith summon its chill timbre." (You can read the full review here).

Much of Jo Meredith's choreography and work has been for younger dancers - she has worked with National Youth Ballet for several years, and also London Studio Centre, Royal Academy of Dance, Iford Arts and Switchback Productions - which saw her choreograph a community play with a cast of 70 people aged between 5 and 78. She also works extensively in opera, having worked with Longborough Festival Opera and the Royal Opera House for several years.

We haven't yet had a chance to interview her, but here are some photos from a recent rehearsal - which was briefly gatecrashed by a cat, as you'll see! The premiere of Jo Meredith's new work will be on Friday 15 November, with another performance on Sunday 17 November; further details can be found here.


Photos by Chantal Guevara