Saturday: Erin Whitcroft

Jackie O’Toole & Dancers

What do you think of when you think of 1950s Hollywood? I think of tap shoes, tumblers of whiskey and ice, the smoker’s husky voice and a world that somehow seems clearer for its very lack of colour. It is not, however, these iconic images of golden age Hollywood that Jackie O’Toole and her dancers embody in the first piece of the evening entitled Eve. Far from it. Instead O’Toole focuses on an image, no less ubiquitous in the popular imagination: that of the 1950s housewife or more specifically of the connection between domesticity and madness. Two years before the invention of the Barbie doll, in 1957, the motion picture The Three Faces of Eve dramatised the true story of a housewife suffering from multiple personality disorder. Torn between the two poles of good and bad housewife, Eve White and Eve Black, the central character, played by Joanne Woodward, is taken through a lengthy process of psychotherapy before finally remerging under the more stable guises of a synthesised character called Jane. The purpose of my extensive preamble is not merely a case of verbosity unchecked but an attempt to impress on the reader, before even touching on the choreography, the sheer ambition of O’Toole’s piece. The mysteries of the fractured mind oftentimes remain just that: a mystery. However, if there is any type of art best suited to exploring the elements of the human psyche which extend beyond the bounds of formal syntax it is those mediums which are furthest away from the everyday conversation we hear on the bus or over tea. Dance, music and perhaps even poetry provide just such a way into the expression of the unspeakable. But it is a hard act to pull off.

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Restless - Sunday - Steph Elsob

Reviewed by Steph Elsob. 
Sunday 26th April brought Cloud Dance Festival's 'Restless' to a close. The evening presented eight works to a busy and enthusiastic audience. Following the previous night's performance when I had tucked myself away towards the back of the auditorium, I found myself only a couple of rows from the front, eagerly anticipating the first piece. 

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Restless - Sunday - Michelle Harris

Reviewed by Michelle Harris.

The weekend of 24th – 26th May marked the return of another splendid Cloud Dance Festival. With twenty works showcasing over three nights, Restless, Cloud Dance’s latest contemporary dance platform promised to be stimulating and informative. 

If you go down to the woods today...

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Restless - Saturday - Eshani Shriya

Reviewed by Eshani Shriya Zakaria.

Saturday night at Jacksons Lane was a burgeoning event as the enthusiastic audience took their seats swiftly, inundating the theatre elegantly. Cloud Dance Festival, now into its third year, had programmed ‘Restless’ with a compilation of some exciting contemporary dance companies, choreographers and dancers to stimulate, entertain and challenge the intellect over three successive evenings.

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