Liz Aggiss The English Channel

{extravote 5} From Liz Aggiss's first appearance onstage at the start of The English Channel, you know to expect the unexpected.


Her conundrum, which she revisits throughout the piece, is should she please you, or should she please herself? - to which she responds with 'Fuck it, she's 62 and what she damn well pleases'; living her life the way she wants to is a recurring theme.

Aggiss bounces between ideas at a dizzy speed, playing with words, enunciation and ayllables while also playing multiple characters and versions of herself; the video behind her portrays her various characters in a range of settings, with a nostalgic feel.

As the piece progresses, her costumes become more elaborate, the content becomes increasingly smuttier, she borrows ideas freely and makes jokes at her expense.

The English Channel is an eclectic mix of recordings, video clips, costumes, themes, sass, smut and attitude, presenting the many faces of Liz Aggiss. She takes you on a very unpredictable journey across the English Channel, with many a diversion, aside comments and complete changes of topic (and costume), and it's an unforgettable journey indeed.