Photo of Jan Lee by Chantal Guevara

Being 300 miles away from London meant missing most of this year's Resolution! season at The Place.

So instead, based on each of the artists'/companies' programme notes, here's a breakdown of the scale of this year's Resolution! 2015.

Probably far more people were actually involved, but if they weren't actually credited... hopefully the choreographers will remember to include them next time. 

This probably would have made a pretty infographic, but I didn't have the patience to design one, sorry. 

Resolution! In Figures

84 pieces
28 nights

125 Choreographers
202 Dancers

60 choreographers worked alone
24 worked with one other person
19 worked with two or more other people

17 solos
67 duets
45 trios
31 quartets
18 quintets… all the way to one piece with 11 dancers

40 composers
22 musicians
14 sound engineers
38 lighting designers
7 designers
18 costume designers
4 set designers
5 video editors
10 photographers
12 dramaturgs (official or otherwise)
9 producers
5 mentors
4 rehearsal directors
16 others (roles including director, artistic director, stage management, text, flooring)

76 choreographers dancing too
36 people in more than one of the above roles

399 (credited) people involved in total

76.8% from London
7.2% from the North East
5.6% from the South West
1.6% from Scotland
1.6% from the East
1.6% from North America
0.8% from Wales

69% of works shown received support in kind, generally rehearsal space; 31% did not.
Only 7% used crowdfunding
19% received public funding, however at least 25% of these did not extend to the Resolution performance; 81% did not.