Edinburgh Fringe

A Porridge Fund: EdFringe Hardship Bursaries

I first heard of the Bread Fund concept at Chisenhale Dance Space a few years ago, and while it would be a very valuable support mechanism for independent (freelance) artists and producers, it would likely be very hard to implement, because of the infrastructure/s we currently have in place.

And then Edinburgh Fringe comes along. I had missed out on all of the narrative about what people were being charged for accommodation this year due to being off social media, but I had a plan to source affordable accommodation in homes around 20-25 minutes from Waverley, with several free options on offer. While the available accommodation was around £125/week or £450/month, I was surprised to be offered extra from artists. And while my initial response was to advise them to spend the money on something special, I decided on what the something special could be - each other.

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