Oops, really.

It was so disheartening to see that so many applicants were rejected in the earlier round of ACE's hardship fund.

And then they decided to extend the final deadline but not actually tell many people, but Grantium died the death it deserved - the monitoring section, which isn't mandatory, but on deadline day, it wasn't editable, so for many applicants, they couldn't submit, and as far as ACE is concerned, if they didn't submit, they don't count. 

I've submitted a couple of Freedom of Information requests to ACE to get more data about the numbers affected and how much they were applying for, and that will take weeks. Given the urgency of this, I'd be really grateful if people affected by Grantium breaking on them could fill out this wee survey, and hopefully allow me to record a short video of you talking about your application and how it would have helped you.

The survey is here: http://www.cloud-dance-festival.org.uk/home/ace-hardship-grantium-ouch.html