pic by Donata KukyteYukiko Masui is a dancer, choreographer originally from Tokyo, who begun training in Hip-hop and Latin dance. In 2008, she moved to London to train in contemporary dance at Trinity Laban where she received The Sylvia Bolmer Memorial Fund Award Prize for her choreological research into Hip-hop. Then she went onto join Transitions Dance Company, toured nationally and internationally and completed her masters degree in dance performance.


Since graduation, she has worked with Ace Dance and Music, Cathy Waller, Company Decalage, James Cousins, Jose Agudo, RDC, Rosie Kay Dance, Tamsin Fitzgerald, Tony Adigun and Vuyani Dance Theatre. She can also be seen in Cold play, Dj Fresh music videos and BBC So You Think You Can Dance.

Alongside her performing career, she has choreographed on youth companies and college students as well as creating her own work. She has a;sp worked as a movement director on Taming Of The Shrew by Two Gents production.



Unbox is a solo movement piece exploring the point where urban, contemporary and tradition meet. This work aims to find movements which do not belong anywhere… or belong everywhere?

The process has been a very personal journey and investigation into cross-genre movements which aim to be unidentified as a dance genre. I am searching for a place that people cannot put me in a category as a dancer or a person.

Choreographed & performed by Yukiko Masui
Photo copyright: Donata Kukyte


Review of Unbox:

"Once in a blue moon, along comes a performance that makes you sit up and pay unwavering attention. Yukiko Masui’s Unbox is one such. There is not an inch of slack in this sixteen minute solo... A riveting solo that deserves wider exposure." - Sanjoy Roy, Resolution Review