Humanah Productions is a UK & Sweden-based company of dance-, film- and music-artists, founded in 2014 by Daniel Jeremiah Persson. The company draws its inspiration from human experience and stories seen through a playful lens, created/framed through the use of games, text and movement.

The five foundation members invites performers/collaborators reccuringly to tailor the works according to the vision of the different projects.



Egress is about acknowledging what has been and what experience enables us to bring onto the many paths one can choose. The piece is a celebration of ’departure’ and ’growth’, that rather than bid farewell, salutes the past. Movement has been created through the use of games in combination with exploration of the Swedish partner dance 'Bugg'.

The piece premiered as part of Resolution!2015 in The Robin Howard Theatre at The Place.

Concept/Choreography: Daniel Jeremiah Persson with performers
Dancers: Ailish Maher, Lawrence Gorringe, Eleni Papaioannou, Tim Clark, Daniel Persson
Musicians: Charlie Hendren, Chris Edwards
Photo copyright: Chantal Guevara

Egress’ is a piece sponsored by Sicoma Floor AB (Sweden).

web: www.humanahproductions.com
Facebook: Humanah Productions

Reviews of Egress

"Not earth-shattering but good fun." - Claire Cohen, Resolution Review

"Conceived and choreographed by Daniel Persson, Humanah Productions’ Egress was in many ways the night’s most purely pleasurable experience... They nonetheless left the sense of a positive world-view in their wake." - Donald Hutera, Resolution Review