i, objectElise Nuding is a dance artist; a mover and a thinker whose creative practice includes performance, choreography, and writing.

She holds an M.A. from London Contemporary Dance School and a B.A. from Brown University (Archaeology). Her practice-based research explores the relationships between place, memory, and people, tapping into interplays of body, memory/imagination, and material environments and seeking to make these ever-shifting interplays present through performance.

Both as a performer and maker Elise sees practice and theory as intrinsically linked, but is still trying to untangle the full implications of this framework. In the meantime, she continues to be inspired by the intelligent, vulnerable, unpredictable, and constantly surprising nature of the human body in performance. Writing also fits in there somewhere —both as a way to reflect upon her practice, but also as a practice in its own right. She is pro collaboration.

I, object

Linguistically speaking, an object is something that is thrown (-ject) in front (ob-) of something; it is inherently relational, opposed to a subject. It is a generic term that obscures unique or identifying characteristics. It implies distance—whether physical, or emotional (hence the concept of “being objective“). In this work the actual word object becomes the object of study; however, inevitably, it is the performer who is drawn into the confused subject/object dialectic created in performance.

Created and performed by Elise Nuding

web: elisenuding.com
Twitter: @emnuding