AniCo syp ps DSC 0249 smAnna-Lise Marie Dance is a contemporary dance company creating collaborative and eclectic works that are visually stunning and thought-provoking. The work of the company is intricate, strong and captivating, and aims to challenge and evoke thought and stir an emotion in those engaging in the work.

Developing and exploring a unique movement vocabulary and the importance of intention within the movement are both strong focus points within the work. The company are extremely passionate about collaborating with other creative artists, those working within dance and other areas of the creative industry.

They have recently been exploring and creating work that gives audiences a unique and powerful experience of seeing their work; such as collaborative dance films, immersive and site-specific work. The company have recently been described as 'pioneers' in their field and aim to continue to leave deep-grooves in the dance world.

Our Physical Intentions

Delving into the way daily occurrences cause impact on our mental and physical state, Our Physical Intentions explores the process of how our thoughts directly determine and influence our emotions. This cognitive pattern falls into three stages; Situation - interpretation - emotional and physical reaction (ABC).

Our thoughts can create a magnified reflection of themselves in the form of an emotion, the thought feeds energy to the emotion, which in-turn energises the thought, and a vicious cycle builds up. Honing in on the isolation of thought and emotion, the piece unravels and reveals that by shifting our interpretation we can alter our emotional and physical state. Allow yourself to experience notions of a busy mind, thought and emotion isolation and an absolute ability to reach a present state.

Choreographer: Anna-Lise Marie Hearn
Dancers: Laura Boulter, Lydia Costello, Eleanor Mackinder
Designer: Inês Neto dos Santos 
Composer: Angus Kemp

Twitter: @AnnieHearn & @AnnaLiseMDance
Facebook: Anna-Lise Marie Dance

Photo copyright: Sonia Yorke-Pryce

Review of Our Physical Intentions:
"Intelligent choreography, brilliantly interpreted by these London Studio Centre alumni." - Josephine Leask, Resolution Review