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Hurst & Griffiths

The company has recently formed and has begun to develop work which aims to fuse physical theatre techniques with contemporary dance. Our first piece Weave was performed at Resolution 2010 and received very positive reviews, described as 'gutsy, committed and inventive' .

Our aim is to make dance theatre which is structurally compelling that has something to say.



Weave’ explores the labyrinthine structures in the work of artist Chiharu Shiota and uses as its source the complex interior world of memories, dreams and nightmares.

Weave’ is based on After the Dream  by Chiharu Shiota. (Hayward Gallery 2009)  Shiota’s installation creates a spatial complex of black wool stapled from floor to wall creating a woollen labyrinth within which five white dresses suspend. The web is both threatening and comforting, the lines offer protection, stability and restriction. Weave explores the interior world of dreams, memories and nightmares, themes which underpin Shiota’s beautiful but haunting work.

Choreographed by Jessica Hurst and Caroline Griffiths
Dancers: Sharon Day, Krista Vuori, Annarita Mazzilli, Rhiannon Parker, Jessica Hurst

About Chiharu Shiota

"Born 1972 in Osaka, Japan.

In her work, Shiota often makes use of tangled yarn, cracked windows, worn out shoes, and burned pianos. While on the one hand, these objects fill us with a disquiting sense of repulsion, the also seem to call up memories from the past that have accumulated with the passage of time. Shiota's work simultaneously imparts a fear of death and the vigor of life through ordinary objects that we are completely accustomed to seeing - it is this ambiguity that makes the works so enthralling.

(Excerpts from the Catalogue "Chiharu Shiota, Breath of Spirit", 2008, The National Museum of Art, Osaka, P. 5)" - from The Volta Show

Chiharu Shito's website, with samples of her work: