b_500_450_16777215_00_images_stories_trilogy_tbdc_TBDC_brochure.jpg  Tempered Body Dance Company is a London-based dance collective, a multi-national nexus of choreographers and performers drawn from the full breadth of the dance spectrum, collaborating with established artists from extra-dance disciplines.

Founded in '07 by Canadian choreographer Magdalene Wynne-Jones, Tempered Body Dance Company aims to harness the creative energy generated by the fusion of diverse individual constituents and channel it toward original, thought-provoking and emotively powerful performance pieces.

website: www.temperedbody.com



Tag Along

Tag Along is a glimpse into the obsession for complete fusion, a love affair guided by sensuality and violence, passionate need for that which destroys. Choreographed by Magdalene Wynne-Jones and danced by members of the company, Tag Along opens the window to a disturbing and deceptive union gripped by the full body consumption of total devotion.


Premiered at Cloud Dance Festival: Dream On.


Choreography: Magdalene Wynne-Jones
Dancers: Johnny Autin, Melanie Simpson


Landing is a contemporary dance work exploring the concept of creating something from nothing. Inspired by the stories of pioneers settling in a new land, the piece looks at the vast struggle of sheer survival in the effort to create a life and a home. Resonating with themes of isolation, loneliness, and deprivation, the movement tells the story of settlers in foreign territory and the bitterness of the environment, as they persist in the face of unrelenting hardship in order to achieve an echo of the life they left behind. The piece uses this story as a metaphor for the creation of art. From a bleak and desolate land we put something into the nothingness, a little piece of our own making, and through diligence, thrift, belief, and spite, we nurture its growth, until it is a home.


London premiere of Landing.



Choreographed by Magdalene Wynne-Jones
Dancers: Melanie Simpson, Johnny Autin, David Ogle, Martina Bussi, Harriet Latham and Lucy Kemp.


Photos from Tag Along, taken by Serena Andreini