A fresh, young dance company, Cloud Dance has attracted an international set of talented dance artists eager to produce stunning performances. The eclectic mix of characters, styles and choreographers come together to bring audiences a unique experience of the art of dance.

Cloud Dance aims to act as a bridge between the practice of dance and professional dance companies – giving artists the opportunity to train and performance under the auspices of a company while also pursuing other  prospects that come their way.

website: www.cloud-dance.org.uk




Intertwined with the immaculate melodies of Bach, Spoke explores the fluency between fragility and empowerment, loneliness and fatigue, gusto and solace. Embracing the invitation to “walk in someone else’s shoes” we learn that our footprints often mirror those that came before, and allow for our mosaic of moments and emotions to, perhaps, find companionship.


The premiere of a new work choreographed by Magdalene Wynne-Jones and performed by members of Cloud Dance Company.  

Choreographed by Magdalene Wynne-Jones (Tempered Body Dance Company)
Performed by: Holly Warren, Edyth Cormack, Rebecca Goor, Lina Petterson, Claudia Palazzo, Laryssa Edwards.




Photos are of Innocence Bound, choreographed and performed in summer 2007.