b_500_450_16777215_00_images_stories_tabula_potato_Quick1.gif  Project Mashed Potato is a dynamic new performance company. Founded by Dancer/Choreographer Rachel Birch-Lawson and Composer/Musician Jack James, Project Mashed Potato’s collective artistic talent focus on collaboration to develop choreographed and improvised work and run improvisation jams, developing an ever widening audience for dance performance. They are committed to creating engaging, stimulating work that forges links between different artistic disciplines.




Since graduating from London Contemporary Dance School, Rachel has choreographed and performed for companies including Opera a la Carte, green bean dance, Present State (in association with Sankorfa Percussion Quartet and Connecting Arts Orchestra), Kush Dance, and the Royal Opera Company. Her work has been performed nationally and internationally, at venues including Robin Howard Dance Theatre, The Clore Studio at The Royal Opera House, St Mary le Bow Church, Guildhall School of Music and Drama, and  shown on MTV.



 Quick, Now, Here, Now, Always

Quick, Now, Here, Now, Always
explores communication, mass decisions, and small initiations with greater consequences. Using fast, quirky, highly physical movement material, the dancers group, separate and re-group: relationships are developed and destroyed; dancers are excluded, only to be assimilated back into the group. Full of intention and enthusiasm, the performers explore their boundaries and the rules that bind them together: falling down, up, away, and towards, they play with repetition, development, and returning, to original music full of contrasting patterns and textures.


Quick, Now, Here, Now, Always asks - what is inevitability, and how do we go with the flow?


Choreographer: Rachel Birch-Lawson

Dancers: Georgiana Cavendish; Daniela B Larsen; Angela Munoz, Izaskun Lapaza