Elena_CM_20071028_093.jpg   The company started in 2007 with The raising of Lazzaro, a solo dance theatre piece that was successfully presented in Milan for the opening of Moavero Art Studio. After this rewarding experience, the company started working on Love for sale, which was successfully presented as part of Resolution!2008.

The general aims of the company are:
•    Intertwining contemporary dance and physical theatre to create dynamic live performances.
•    Developing and composing dance material devised by the choreographer together with the dancers.
•    Using drama games and improvisation tasks to devise material.
•    Developing and defining different characters
•    Creating movement material that is physically challenging and that can communicate feelings and ideas clearly
•    Using props to inspire movement and to explore the relationship between body and space.



Love for Sale

Love for sale intertwines contemporary dance and physical theatre to create a dynamic live performance at the cutting edge of the dance world. The piece has been devised in collaboration with the dancers during the last year.

An internet café is the meeting point of four different characters looking for different kinds of love: a single woman with serious intention, a single woman looking for fun, a man looking for hard core fun and a foreign man with a love for business. Through a sequence of physical duets, solos and quartets on the rhythm of up-tempo music, the characters’ real intentions bring the dancers together to make them eventually clash against each other.


Choreographer: Elena Molinaro 

Dancers: Chantal Brandouille, Natalie Gibbs, Marc Kraus, Danal Guy