b_500_450_16777215_00_images_stories_tabula_miks_C-MIKS-003-NMS_0061.jpg  MIKS is a dance collective formed by Anaïs Bouts, Sara Lindstrom and Ida Uvaas in 2005. MIKS is intended to be a vehicle for artists to create work collectively, independently and by bringing in external choreographers and collaborators. Through this collaborative approach, MIKS aim to create an intimacy between performers and audience, and explore the relationship between the two in their provocative and entertaining performances.


‘Transcending into one character’s lifetime, the ethereal hysteria of Flappers distinguishes no past, present or future.’

Flappers is the second part of the triple bill n+. It was generated from the first piece, n+1, choreographed by MIKS. After seeing n+1 only once, Frauke Requardt took the essense of the piece and made her own version.


Choreographer: Frauke Requardt

Dancers: MIKS; Anaïs Bouts, Sara Lindström and Ida Uvaas