b_500_450_16777215_00_images_stories_tabula_etta_etta.jpg  Etta Ermini Dance Theatre has been founded in 2004 by choreographer and director Etta Ermini.

The physical theatre/dance theatre pieces are choreographed by Etta Ermini and devised in collaboration with the performers. The work is based on narrative stimuli and a quirky, humorous and highly individual movement vocabulary is created through improvisation. Elements of the Absurd Theatre are explored through character-based acting as well as through strong physical movement sequences. The scripts are inspired by real events and the mood of the work is often quirky and comical. 

Fixed Wheel


Fixed Wheel is a dance theatre piece for two male performers and a bicycle. It depicts the joys and pitfalls of the life and love of a geeky bike freak and his alter ego.

The movement material is explosive and, at times, quirky. Dialogues are witty and acerbic. The acrobatic use of the prop, a bright blue BMX bicycle, heightens the tense atmosphere.

This playful look at loss and love aims to connect to the personal experiences of the audience. The performers interact with audience members in an original way.

This piece has been performed in April 2008 at The Blue Elephant Theatre, London and as part of Artscene in Belgium.



Choreographer: Etta Ermini

Dancers: Ian Garside, Luis Frontana