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  Cascade Dance is a contemporary dance company based in the leafy suburbs of Tunbridge Wells, Kent

The Artistic presence of the town provides our company with the inspiration and theatrical encouragement to create activities, events and performances that are fresh and exciting to our audiences.

We specialize in performances, workshops and classes for children, teens and adults in the South East. We focus on a range of dance styles including ballet, jazz, freestyle and contemporary, with emphasis on techniques such as Cunningham, Graham and Release.

Our dance company regularly performs throughout the year, premiering site specific and theatre works around the South East.

Cascade Dance was founded in December 2006 by Middlesex university graduates Ricia Coleman and Samantha Stringell. Discovering a lack of contemporary dance culture within Tunbridge Wells they decided to create a company that would reflect its growing success in places like London and Brighton.

Since starting out Cascade has been involved in various educational and performance projects including a range of site specific events in West Kent. Cascade has also set up a range of dancing activities to allow dance to be accessible for everyone.

Cascade wish to continue their growth throughout 2008 by collaborating with dance organisations and artists.


Momentary Meeting



Momentary Meeting explores the conversations between five dancers in a public environment. What are they saying to one another? Are they arguing or happy? Enjoying each others time, or bored of their company?


The piece explores a view from the outside eye and how a different perspective can create an entirely different meaning to its true form. What looks like a comfortable chat could be interpreted into something far more sinister…..when will the truth be revealed? Or will it be too late for the dancers or audiences to find out….


The piece was originally a site specific performance at Trinity Arts Centre, Tunbridge Wells, Kent. It uses chairs as props combined with contemporary, physical theatre and speech. It has been / is being tailored for the stage, with an adaptation from the original choreography from Nina Atkinson.