Jolice Truter is a dancer form South Africa and lives in London. Her company is called Alice Imagines. It is structured as a base for the further development of her career. She trained in Australia and has performed with Ballet and Contemporary Companies and is currently freelancing. She is also an experienced ballet and Pilates Teacher.


She has performed with the Welsh National Opera, Royal Opera, The place and London College of Fashion amongst others in the UK but, also with the South African State Theatre and Dance Factory in RSA. This is her debut as a choreographer. ‘I enjoy being part of a creative process. Passion inspires me.’



This work is a comparison between the ugly duckling/dying swan and the artist Van Gogh. He was only recognized for his brilliance after his death and never witnessed his own successes. He only ever sold one painting and remained an unknown tortured soul until he ended his own life.


Choreographed & danced by: Jolice Truter