IMG 0130 (Small)Sunday 17 November. Anthony Middleton, previously a dancer with companies such as Balletboyz and Motionhouse Dance Theatre, formed 'theMiddletonCorpus' in 2011. His work is built upon his own highly dynamic, yet fluid and seamless, movement vocabulary that encorporates Middleton's dance experience but also his experience as an international Acrobatic Gymnast.

The company's repertoire is constantly developing and growing; the first company work 'Behind closed doors' was performed at Resolution! 2013 in the Robin Howard Theatre, London. The company is also developing a new duet work ('It's what you don't see') that will be premiered Spring 2013.



'Manuum', a solo created and danced by director Anthony Middleton, was recently in the final round of the 'ilDance Choreographic Competition 2013' (Sweden), and has been performed around the UK most recently at 'Spontaneous Combustion Festival', London.

'Manuum', Latin for ‘hands’, explores both our ability and need to create. With our hands we communicate; we can write, sculpt, paint and dance. The work pays homage to human creativity, our motives and commitment to create and craft.

This solo work blends Anthony's fluid, articulate and hypnotic movement vocabulary with strong sculptural form to create a visceral and sensual language.

Choreographer: Anthony Middleton
Dancer: Anthony Middleton
Music: 'Aria-Goldberg Variations' - J.S.Bach & 'Preco Preheminencie' - John Dunstable
Twitter: @middletoncorpus
Facebook: TheMiddletonCorpus