Vex Dance Theatre explores the point where dance meets theatre, playing with the tension between body and text. Using this shared space to comment on contemporary society, we invite our audience to question assumptions of the world around them. 

Taking inspiration from as wide a spectrum  as  possible, Vex, through rigorous investigation strives to make work that connects with and comments on the real world. 

Through highly physical and energised choreography  we endeavour to make creative, engaging and unpretentious work. 
A highly physical performance based on interviews collected from immigrants, refugees and asylum seekers throughout the UK.  Bluebird also draws inspiration from Vesna Maric’s memoir ‘Bluebird' an account of coming to Britain as a 16-year old asylum seeker, after fleeing the conflict in Bosnia in 1992.  

(Extracts from Bluebird - a memoir by Vesna Maric, published by Granta Books Ltd, are reproduced by permission of Sarah Such Literary Agency.  All rights reserved.)
Choreographed by Jess McCormack and Kitty Smith.
Dancers: Kim Noble, Francesca Bradshaw, Carly Etherington, Stacey Dorling, Jess McCormack and Kitty Smith.
Photos of their past work: