The Continent Stories Dance Theatre is a company started by Silja Grey, it invites other artists to collaborate with movement and to investigate the possibilities to expand the concept of dance. You could say the company allows the concept of dance to be re-discovered. Dance is not just about movement itself, it goes beyond the movement. There are no limits in ‘what is dance.’ Dance can contain elements of interdisciplinary practices, it can be a collaboration between sound, visual arts and movement. Silja's aim for the company is to be able to look beyond any borders, to stretch my mind across all the disciplines and to find something new.


Essential spaces to visit from the past


I believe all bodies have their personal memory – a story to share. I have been exploring movement vocabulary that rises from observations of life. The idea has been to discover things that people were scared of when they were children. I have collected material, pictures and stories from people’s memories on how they felt what it means to be afraid of something. This is a journey to people’s pasts – how it reflects our bodies now.


Sometimes a dancer is sharing a short intimate story on stage – with the body and with sound. The relationship between reality and imaginary on stage is layered.


Choreographer: Silja Grey

Dancers: Silja Grey, Sarah-Jayne Barrand

Puppeteer: Raven Kaliana