b_500_450_16777215_00_images_stories_restless_shine_2008-07-06_at_11-18-31.jpg Debbie Shine is a contemporary choreographer working primarily in Release/Limon technique, with an interest in martial arts and ritual dance. She has been working in London since 2004, and has shown her work in various venues including the Place (as part of Resolution!), Riverside Studios (as part of a triple bill which she organised, and in which she worked collaboratively with Cann Dance company), and the Courtyard Theatre (as part of Cloud Dance Festival).
Na Comhguaillithe
This is a re-working of the piece entitled Elemental Magic, which was performed for Cloud Dance Festival in July '08. The piece explores the symbol of the pentagram and within that femininity, the elements (Earth, Air, Fire and Water) and the circle of life. It is performed by five female dancers. I am in the process of further developing the choreography to enhance the ritualistic aspects and elemental expression; if possible in the future I would like to adapt it for a stage in the round.
Choreographer: Debbie Shine
Dancers: Monika Koscian, Laura D'Italia, Tine Kluth, Uli Pflanz, Aleasha Seaward