Cloud Dance

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A fresh, young dance company, Cloud Dance has attracted an international set of talented dance artists eager to produce stunning performances. The eclectic mix of characters, styles and choreographers come together to bring audiences a unique experience of the art of dance.

Cloud Dance aims to act as a bridge between the practice of dance and professional dance companies – giving artists the opportunity to train and performance under the auspices of a company while also pursuing other  prospects that come their way.


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Rancid Ance

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Rancid Ance (formerly Rancidance) was created in 2007 by Olivia Vella.

The company aims to create and perform innovative and inquisitive dance theatre, involving multifaceted dance artists from various backgrounds.

Our inspirations are vast and wide-ranging, but share a freshness that makes our repertoire an eclectic range of challenging work, that will not fail to entertain.

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Off The Map

Read more ...  "The company Off The Map started last year (2008) by creating a piece for Resolution! It was a simple piece as it was just something I wanted to do. I had another idea and wanted to take it further so I made a new piece for this year.

I keep the company simple but effective. Off The Map is about the dance and movement ideas." - Steve Johnstone

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Hagit Yakira


Hagit Yakira is a dancer, choreographer and dance teacher currently working in London. She graduated from the Music and Dance Academy in Israel and the Laban Centre. She is also a qualified Dance Movement Therapist.

In recent years, after years of performing and teaching dance internationally, she has been developing her own choreographic work; creating unique dance theatre performances, working on solo works, on group works as well as collaborating with other dancers, musicians, designers, film makers and actors; performing around London the UK (Including Derby Dance, The Point, Edinburgh Fringe Festival and more), Europe (winning the second place at Burgos New York Dance competition, Spain for New Dance Category 2007 and more), Finland and Israel.


On 9 February 2009, she won the first prize at the Kajaani dance competitiion in Finland. 


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