b_500_450_16777215_00_images_stories_restless_offmap_ive-been-waiting,-resolutio.jpg  "The company Off The Map started last year (2008) by creating a piece for Resolution! It was a simple piece as it was just something I wanted to do. I had another idea and wanted to take it further so I made a new piece for this year.

I keep the company simple but effective. Off The Map is about the dance and movement ideas." - Steve Johnstone

I’ve been waiting…


Isolation in life and trying to fit in with others around you.



Choreographer: Steve Johnstone with input from dancers
Dancers: Katie Green, Victoria Hammond and Sam Coren




Reviews from Resolution, 22 January 2009:


"Off the Map's music by Fink is beautifully interpreted by Steve Johnstone and his trio of dancers.  I've been waiting... employs direct, sharp and humorously awkward movement to tell the story of love lost....  Off The Map is a company to look out for."

- Terry O'Donovan



"It's a very likeable piece with real character and just a touch of the Hofesh Shechter about it - which is no bad thing."

- Lyndsey Winship



(Reviews can be read in full here