Nux was founded in Barcelona by Maïté Delafin in 2006. The company’s first residency at La Caldera (Dance Centre of Barcelona) resulted in its first work, L’épaisseur des choses ('The density of things'). L’épaisseur des choses won a prize in a 2007 choreographic competition in Sabadell (Barcelona) and was a finalist in a similar competition in Madrid. A second residency in Choregraphic Centre of Galicia resulted in Déixame bostezar ('Let me yawn').



Nux has performed in Barcelona (Auditori de Les Corts and Casa Elizalde), Sabadell (Ca L’Estruch) and France (Besançon - Théâtre Bacchus).


Currently, Maïté (Artistic Director) is based in Edinburgh (Scotland/UK) where she develops new projects in collaboration with UK based artists. One of which resulted in Grounds, a solo work in collaboration with the violonist Poppy Ackroyd.   






"I am looking for a knot in myself and I will never find it because I know that there isn't one. I had set my heart on remaking the chaos in me, on starting from scratch. Yet I'm afraid that upon reaching zero there would be nothing to restart. So I'm searching for myself, as the doctor says. It doesn't mean much, I'm alive. I don't know what one has to do when he is alive"
The swallower swallowed

(Translation from French of 'L'avalée des avalés' by Réjean Ducharme)



Choreographed & Performed by: Maïté DELAFIN

Original music composed and performed live by Poppy Ackroyd