ktdt, Katie Thies Dance Theatre is a London-based contemporary dance theatre company. Ktdt was established in 2006 out of the independent workings of choreographer Katie Thies and has expanded to become a collaborative-based company focusing on using cross-disciplinary arts in dance and bringing the art of story-telling to life in performance. 
I found a bag of nuts

“I found a bag of nuts” is a structured improvisation for 5 dancers using set solo and duet studies linked through task-based instructions. Each dancer receives instructions prior to the performance assigning individual cues for when/how/what/where to dance. Throughout the piece cues are given at random and the performers must respond based on their instructions. Using a Cunningham-esque element of chance “I found a bag of nuts” has a surprise waiting around every corner. 

Choreographer: Katie Thies in collaboration with her dancers
Dancers: Deborah Galloway, John Healey, Lindsay McDonald, Stephanie McMann, Martina Vojtakova