I am a dance lecturer, choreographer and performer, currently working across the London boroughs. I graduated from Kate Simmons School of Dance and the Laban Centre with a Professional Diploma in Dance Studies and a Master Degree in Choreography. Originally from Norway I produce work for my own dance company KORSNESkompani and in collaboration projects with other artists, such as artist Sarah Turner and sound engineer Rob Colquhoun. As a choreographer I often find inspiration from my homeland, visual imagery and natural phenomenon’s, which makes my work highly emotional and gives my work a primal feel.  






“Hjemme” (Home) started as a memory of youth and family, lost friends, longing for wide-open spaces and romantic scenery. This is a solo created by reflecting on how everything I experience and the people in my life has an impact on the decisions I make both in the past, present and possibly the future. 


Choreographed & performed by Maria Korsnes

Photos by Mike Conway