Jessica Green is a London based dancer and choreographer with a First Class BA Hons in Dance, currently working on independent projects that celebrate honesty and a dialogue between performers and their audience.  


Works include Kaleid/Collide – Resolution! 2009 at The Place: Robin Howard Dance Theatre, Dust – Collision Festival 2008, Area 10 Peckham, Dust-Spin – The Space, Isle of Dogs, The Moon is my Master – Happenings at The Space 2007.  


Jessica Green also works in youth dance and in arts administration.    


'Kaleid/Collide' is an exploration in reference to the phonetic similarity of these two words.

Kaleid - beautiful form
Collide - meeting at force

A constantly changing pattern is created by particles randomly scattered within a kaleid(oscope).  This relates to the movement and magnetic attraction of particles within the magnetosphere.  
As human beings, we're drawn to our destinations, on the pathway to which, there are distractions.  Journeying through the city we can rarely follow a straight path without colliding and being diverted, physically or emotionally.  

Limited pathways become relevant in order to avoid a collision and as a consequence patterns are created.  If a collision occurs, we will either tumble in devastation or cling on to the support we have available.  We walk alongside, we part, we meet at force.
Choreographer: Jessica Green
Dancers: Gerwyn Clegg, Eleanor Duckham, Bethan Peters, Josie Sovegjarto, Rachel Riveros and Esther Wingate
Reviews for Kaleid/Collide at Resolution:
“Clever and fast-paced floor work paired with delicate and intimate nuances.”
“...overall it is an energetic and exciting work which deserves to go further.”
Terry O’Donovan, writer for Resolution Review, January 2009

“An impressionistic celebration of randomness versus pattern.”
“The dancers…pump and exhale, push and pull, clutch and release, constantly mutating from solo to pair work, from trio to full ensemble.”
“Jessica Green’s company finished on a high.”
Tara Paulsson, Resolution Review, January 2009