Eade & Perkins Present… has recently been formed by Bryony Perkins and Rohanna Eade. With an interest in the crossover between dance and other art forms, we are developing a practice which uses improvisation to challenge and explore what we know (being dance) and what we are less familiar with (being text).  Improvisation can be what we perform, or it can be a tool for devising material which is eventually set. Underlying the work is a desire to communicate directly with the audience; to see them as equal, to entertain them and to do this through a variety of mediums.


Running Through You
Running Through You is an intimate solo performed by Bryony Perkins.  Through a collage of dance, speech, music and physical expression she explores the relationship between meaning and movement.  She shares with the audience some of the things running through her head; an awkward greeting, a loved one, her favourite song, building a portrait which is honest, personal and funny.
Choreographed by Rohanna Eade and Bryony Perkins
Performed by Bryony Perkins
Review of Running Through You at Resolution 2009: 
Running Through You’ is an unashamedly honest portrait of charismatic performer Bryony Perkins.  During this deeply personal solo she takes you on a journey of love and regret, spaghetti bolognese and losing her Nan in the supermarket.  She exposes her likes and dislikes, plays you her favourite songs, flirts a little... Combining witty humour with beautifully awkward movement, sharp in its execution and joyous in its physicality ‘Running Through You’ has a light touch that can cut right through to your heart.’ (Sanjoy Roy for Resolution! 09)