Merlyn and Claudia met at Exeter University where they studied physical Theatre and Psychophysical Performer training. Since graduating 3 years ago Claudia went on to train at Laban. Merlyn concentrated on music and music production. They have continued to collaborate,  performing in London, Bristol and various site specific locations. Influenced by Pina Bausch, Théatre de Complicité, Robert Wilson and Angelo Badalamenti, they constantly strive to push the boundaries of live performance staying true to their continued investigation of human emotions and psyche.
Brutal Affinity
How much of yourself are you willing to give away? How much of yourself must you hold on to?  In this life, we share a Brutal Affinity with the most delicate of things; when a body moves, and a string is plucked, in the discordant harmony we might find a new melody.
In Brutal Affinity, we investigate the difficulties of intimate proximity and distant absence through symbolic movement and sound, conveying fragments of stories both real and imagined both through the body and the note. Abstract but accessible, expressive but focussed, it uses contemporary dance as a platform for investigation and imagination. 
A continuation of our previous work, Brutal Affinity challenges the notions of dancer and instrument and attempts to find a synergy of form between two creative mediums.

Choreographed & performed by: Claudia Palazzo and Merlyn Perez Silva.