b_500_450_16777215_00_images_stories_restless_armadillo_RedBites_2.jpg  Armadillo Dance Project is an ongoing collaboration between choreographer Kathleya Afanador and composer Allen Fogelsanger. They use interactive technology as a creative and collaborative tool for making performances in which movement interacts with other media via computer analysis of dancer-produced data. The aim in using this tool is not to spotlight the technology but rather to create interesting and unusual relationships between sound and movement. These relationships exist within expanded fields--the sounds are often not music and the movements often not dance as traditionally conceived. The resulting audio-visual performance may offer experiences ranging from the cerebral to the sensual, combining into a challenging puzzle of formal structures and playful juxtapositions.




Red Bites for a Rainy Day
Red Bites for a Rainy Day is a computer-interactive multimedia work for solo dancer with props, video projections, and sound. The dancer's red umbrella, red socks, and red gloves are colour-tracked by a digital camcorder and computer. The projected video is a visual accumulation of the colour tracking over time, the effect of which is that of a dancer painting a digital canvas with her movements. Her act of painting is interrupted by two short segments of pre-recorded film. The sound is an edited recording of a MIDI piano improvisation and the movement is inspired by calligraphic sweeps of limbs and objects.

This piece was premiered at the Phoenix Experimental Arts Festival in Phoenix, Arizona, USA, on February 6, 2009.


Choreographer: Kathleya Afanador
Dancers: Kathleya Afanador, and on video, Emma Batman
Music: composed by Allen Fogelsanger