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Leaf Dance Leyla Rees is a London based contemporary dancer and aerialist. She is the fouder of Leaf dance. She has a BPA honours from the Northern School of Contemporary Dance and is currently working on independent projects. She is especially interested in creating work that encourage collaboration acros the various art forms.


“How shall I hold on to my soul, so that it does not touch yours?” - Rilke.

Papillon” is an exploration of innate hope; of journeys that move through the darkness, rebuilding from a place loss. Can beauty and grace truly survive in the darkness? Inspired by Rilke’s poems, “Papillon” uses the symbolic nature of a butterfly as a reference for hope. The piece draws the dancers into an inner world that struggles to find the point at which hope begins to exist in their souls.

Physically “Papillon” forces the dancers to play with the juxtaposition of their human situations and their less tangible inner feelings. The piece explores the freedom and transitional nature of the butterfly, inviting the audience to watch the dancer’s battle between hopeful freedom and the external, dense reality.

Devised by using individual stories of loss; the piece strives to find the point at which something miraculous is hatched inside your body, the somewhat indescribable emotion that pushes you forward and makes you carry on.

Papillon” encourages us to remember a world of imagination in times that can sometimes weigh us all down. It asks us to ponder the question of whether hope starts in a place derived from imagination, or is just instinctively part of the nature of our souls?

Choreographer: Leyla Rees
Dancers: Sara Silva, Rachel Perry, Julia Fanaca, Joycelyn Chung