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JHL Dance Company Hyanglae Jin was born in Korea. Focussing on contemporary dance, she received her BA Hons in Korea. After moving to London, she trained at London Contemporary Dance School and gained a postgraduate diploma through working with EDge 08. She is currently working as a freelance performer while continuing her ongoing research as a dance maker. She was part of The Place Prize as a performer and worked with one of Russell Maliphant's dancers.

Life in the womb

Unstableness comes out from stress. People always have "Desire" to do something, but rarely fulfilled. Unfulfilled desire becomes stress, and due to that stress many complicated emotions result as unstableness of mind.

1. Live Sound
This project to develop and present of live sound that to record in a public space in live sound to allow its resonant frequencies to become audible and interactive to the womb.
2. Space
The life is started in the womb; hearing is starting to develop fully and will begin to feel the reaction to certain of sound.
As far as light. yes, can see in the womb. Just as when we live out in the sunlight.
Actually, sees shades of red and orange in bright light. Maybe begin reacting to the light, by turning away or towards it.
3. Imagine
Take your time to listen then will be different or Not.

Company Name: Hyanglae Jin
Concept, Direction& Choreography: Hyanglae Jin
Performed by: Hyanglae Jin, Revital Snir
Musician by: Revital  Snir
Sound Design: Jae-Min Lim
Costume Design: Sun Ji
Contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.