Piece By Piece Company was founded in 2006 by theatre artist Berit Kuennecke and dancer/choreographer Despina Mavrou. The company attempts to deal with current issues affecting women in society, through dance, theatre and multimedia.


Our first project, Do You Sell Yourself At Work? (2007) performed at Brighton Festival Fringe 2007, looked at working life and raunch culture and explored situations experienced daily by millions of working women worldwide. Serious questions were raised whilst retaining a lighthearted, occasionally comic tempo.


With How Far Are You Willing To Go?, the now-expanded company dealt with more universal issues affecting women, still keeping the light, humorous tone which is bound to become the company’s trademark.



Bedtime habits - everyone has them, but no one talks about them. A humourous piece about the quirky things we do between the sheets - other than the obvious, of course!


Choreographed by Despina Mavrou and company

Dancers: Despina Mavrou, Steven Murphy, Jillian Hopper, Berit Kuennecke


Website: piecebypiececompany.blogspot.com