Moxie Brawl was formed in 2006 by Sarah Blanc and Katie and Fin Miller at The Space in Dundee. The company created 4 pieces in their first year in Scotland most namely 'I've Never Seen a Cat Live 9 Lives' by Sarah Blanc and 'Saltwater' by Katie Miller which were both supported by Dance Base in Edinburgh along with The Space. In 2007 Angus Balbernie created a quartet on the company which was performed at The Space.


Since moving to London the company have perfomed at Cloud Dance Festival and at the Robin Howard Theatre with a piece titled 'Didnt you Know?' choreographed by Sarah Blanc which was created during a residency at Clarence Mews.  

The Moxie Collective have also been established down here in London looking at the more experimental side to the brawlers by collaborating and exploring dance within other art forms. The collective currently consists of Stevie Taylor (film maker), Tom Van Hoffelen (music) and Tom Kitching (illustrator). Our last performance was at The Foundry in Oct 2008 entitled 'Run Rabbit Run'





This new piece is focussing simply on layering of movement using music to drive the energy from simple to complex. This piece has been a pure exploration of movement and style. How can I push it and how can I challenge my already existing habits? I have also been exploring what is habit versus style.


During the piece the trio of dancers work in and out of each other following the same pattern being entangled by the music. I have stripped away layers of drama instead I'm letting the movement do the talking. No props no set, just dance.


Choreographed by Sarah Blanc

Performed by: Sarah Blanc, Jessie Brett, Linda Tabraham, Nancy Nerantzi, Katie Lusby