b_500_450_16777215_00_images_stories_eyes_mdance_mdance5.JPG  As a performative company, mdance is interested in exploring intricate, emotive and physical movement that evokes thought and feeling in both themselves as performers and their audiences. The collaborative nature of the company means that we can draw creatively from both of our experiences, bringing two bodies, minds and souls to the creative space. We are interested in producing intelligent work with an emphasis on the process and how a piece comes to form. It’s as much about the journey of making, of thought and of feeling as it is about the presentation of the body, the physical and the piece.

The details in our fabrics


When you know someone so well, sometimes the lines between you become blurred. Where do they end and you begin? Within these relationships how do you define yourself as an individual?


“You and me, me and you. Where do I start and you begin? You have seen everything.”


Choreographed by mdance

Performed by Hannah Martin and Becky Martin