Lîla Dance finds its inspiration for creativity in exploring the synergies between highly physical exertions with sensitivity of thought. The company members regard themselves as “movement inventors” who treat every new work as an exciting opportunity to discover original movement which finds expression through articulate physicality. During each creative process Lîla Dance immerse themselves in images and ideas which are explored with intuition and spontaneity in order to find “physical sensations” expressive of a gut response from the flesh and nerve.


With each new work the company continues to develop a distinctive physical language of which complicated floor sequences, trademark physicality and intricate contact work can be identified as choreographic traits.



Tracker was made from the inside out.


And Begin.


There is a space, a game and a seed of thought. There is a birth (of a sort) and from there, there is instinct, learning and development of skills. And because everything is new, there is insecurity, hesitancy and exploration. There are relationships (of a kind) and because there is intellect, learning is contagious and growth is inevitable. So now there is energy, exertion and imagination; subtlety, detail and texture. There is rushing, silence, rhythm and feeling. There is movement, movement, thought and more movement.


Choreographed by Abi Mortimer

Dancers: Abi Mortimer, Chay Burrows, Carrie Whitaker, Joe Darby


Website: www.liladance.co.uk  





Reviews for Tracker at Resolution! 2009:


"There was much impressive choreographic craft in Abi Mortimer's Tracker for Lila Dance. A trio of dancers were propelled by an inner dynamic that ebbed and flowed through changes of pace and personnel and never missed a beat."


- Keith Watson


"With coordinating costumes of cobalt blue, gold and wine, Lîla Dance's Tracker was a sumptuous feast for the eyes.  Composed of two women and a man, the trio performed capoeira-like challenges in slow motion, rolling effortlessly from the floor as if gravity had dissolved into the smoke that flanked the stage. ... The concluding duet, framed by a square of bright light, roused the audience with its seamless yet shocking movement."


- Kat Richter 


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