b_500_450_16777215_00_images_stories_eyes_intrepid_intrepid.gif Sam Coren is a graduating choreography student from London Contemporary Dance School and Kasper Hansen is a graduating theatre design student from Wimbledon College of Art. As a part of their third year they have collaborated with costumier Sophie Bellin, dancer Moreno Solinas and script writer Ben Coren to devise the piece Intrepid Exploring. Each have experience from within a diverse range of fields such as contemporary dance, circus, theatre and film.

Intrepid Exploring


Intrepid Exploring is a humorist collage of live performance and video with an extensive use of costume, movement material and text. It deals with masculine issues such as male dominance, self obsession and loneliness.


Repetition is used throughout as a driving element as the soloist takes the audience on increasingly descriptive stories of him first being chased by a bull, next chasing a bull and finally a convoluted story of him as a matador.


Inserted between each story a discussion between the choreographer and the designer is projected on the screen above the stage. The discussion centers on ‘what it is to be a man’ and as agreement cannot be reached it slowly evolves into an argument resulting in the designer leaving.


Choreographed by Sam Coren

Performed by Moreno Solinas

Designed by Kasper Hansen

Costumier Sophie Bellin 





Review by Libby Costello for ballet.co.uk :


"Intrepid Exploring, by Sam Coren (choreographer) and Kasper Hansen (designer) was another simple idea done well. ... New Art Club should watch their backs as a new comic choreographer is waiting in the wings. "


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