Henry Fry is a designer, writer and illustrator who studies Design For Performance at Wimbledon College of Art and graduates this summer. He likes to set up strong visual frameworks in performance and film. Riccardo Buscarini is a contemporary dancer and choreographer who graduates from The London Contemporary Dance School this summer also. He often works with one striking image that conveys layers of interpretation.

They met when they created 'Places of Non-Belonging' as part of the London Contemporary Dance School and Wimbledon College of Art and Design's 'Collaborations' and have had favourable reviews on the project.




Places of Non-Belonging


Three dancers are tied to bungee cords attached to the left of the stage and try, with slow movements, to traverse the stage, never reaching their destination.


Choreographed by Riccardo Buscarini

Dancers: Luke Antysz, Mira Kautto, Suzanne Thomas



Review by Libby Costello for ballet.co.uk :

"To focus on the positives Places of Non-belonging by Riccardo Buscarini (choreographer) and Henry Fry (designer) created the perfect partnership proving that less is definitely more. Three dances tried to transverse the stage but bound by tight bungee ropes the trio never made their destination. Buscarini showed maturity and intellect in his choice of movement, steering clear of manic spring led movement. Instead the dancers barely moved for the majority of the piece, their impetus coming from within rather than the ropes that restrained them." 


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