b_500_450_16777215_00_images_stories_eyes_fragmented_fragmented.jpg Fragmented Performance Company is a freshly-formed performance company consisting of newly graduated artists. Fragmented is an innovative inter-disciplinary company that focuses on the exploration of collaborating between two art-forms to create performance; through the use of art and dance. Through the seven strong company members, each of which have vast amount of experience within the areas of teaching, delivering workshops and performing. Fragmented is interested in all concepts of collaborating within the arts, enabling exploration and experimentation to be developed and creativity to flourish.
(re) Birth of Venus
(re) Birth of Venus is a dance piece based on a photoshoot by director Tom Sykes.
The (re)Birth of Venus explores boundaries and popular culture in a contemporary focused manner. The dance piece features a group of dancers and artist Tom Sykes. The work begins minimal and then develops to sporadic interchanges of movement and stillness. The concept is to explore the ideas involved in experimenting what is static and what is everlasting within one space. The piece derived from Tom Sykes's image, however, it has evolved and explored all realms of what movements became initiated in response to viewing the image.
The piece is set within a conventional space, however, the idea and concept of the work is primarily of an abstract nature, the movement with infuse and draw upon contrasting boundaries within the dance vocabulary. The work does not necessarily explore a theme but more so captures the development of the original static image viewed in the photograph.
It is each dancer’s exploration of the image that founds the movements created and with direction from Tom Sykes in setting the authentic idiosyncratic movements that derive from the work.
Choreographed by: Fragmented Performance Company with direction from Tom Sykes
Dancers: Kayley Hughes, Kirsty Roper, Bonita Winstanley, Chloe Harrison, Stephanie Bairet and Laura Newman
Fragmented Performance Company will showcase '(re)Birth of Venus' at Bluecoat Art Gallery in May, as part of Liverpool Improvisation Collective's (LIC) - Improvisation Event - May 2009.