b_500_450_16777215_00_images_stories_eyes_danielalarsen_cloud2.jpg  Daniela B Larsen & Robert Guy are both independent dance artists. They have been working together choreographically and collaboratively on and off since 2006 when they made their first work How Like the Mind It Is… Both then went on to complete Post Graduate Diplomas at LCDS (Edge 07) and Laban (Transistions 07) respectively, after which they reunited to make This House Smells of Ghosts in late 2008.

This work debuted at Resolution! 09. Shortly after the work was selected for the Two’s A Company platform as part of the Dance Currents Season at Stratford Circus.  Daniela & Robert continue to pursue their own paths, happy to reconnect and perform together when the wind allows. Daniela is currently working with green bean dance, Marc Brew Dance Company, Cilgwyn Theatre Company and is an freelance dance teacher. Robert is currently working with Retina and also Wired Aerial Theatre Company.



This House Smells of Ghosts 


'I'm so scared I won't find what I'm looking for because I am such a bad looker.'


A theme of miscommunication, be it trivial or more serious, is investigated alongside an exploration into the strange mechanics of the brain. An attempt to delve into the most inner thoughts of two people to discover their true intentions towards each other, towards life and towards themselves, and with that wait to find out if they ever manage to really communicate their wants and needs to each other. 


Thought and action are not always connected. Sometimes you have to lose yourself before you know where you really are.


Choreographed & performed by Daniela B Larsen & Robert Guy

Text: Postsecret; A Lifetime of Secrets – Frank Warren

Voices: Graham Adey, Amy Bell, Sarah Chiang, Martin Collins, Kathleen Doherty, Katie Green, Christopher Owen, Sally Marie. 

Photography: Daniel Clarke





Company Reviews:


"Startling athletic choreography within a loose dramatic context." Maggie Foyer (Dance Europe).


“Explored with an impressively nuanced strength.. Their robust, thoroughly grounded dancing betrayed a surprisingly light touch.” Donald Hutera


“Salsa-esque spins, fused with gymnastic lifts, to create a duet driven by kinetic energy.. They bounced off, leant on, dropped, pushed and chucked each other - all in the most athletic of ways. Their nonchalant, raw execution was part of their appeal.” (Eileen Strong)