soldans1Friday 5 July. Sol Dans is the UK's premier contemporary jazz dance company. Sol Dans was founded in 2007 by American choreographer Melody Squire as a platform to facilitate the creation of new dance works with her peers. Since its formation, Sol Dans has performed at some of the UK's most prestigious platforms including Resolution! at the Robin Howard Dance Theatre, Lilian Baylis Theatre at Sadlers Wells and with Cloud Dance Festival at Jacksons Lane, People Show, Cochrane Theatre and Pleasance Theatre. Sol Dans continues to capture audience’s imaginations by delivering performing art that is accessible to the public.

 In 2012 Sol Dans collaborated with Director Jacquie Pepall (Great Lake Films) and Composer Brvnjes to create the 3D narrative dance film, "The Dead Moon" (Premiered at the Los Angeles International 3D Film Festival, Nominated for Best Short Film). Since The Dead Moon Melody, Jacquie and Brvnjes have continued to explore the intersection of film and dance.  

Memory Play

Memories are always a mix of traces of sensations overlaid with emotions, mingled with interpretation, and filled in with imaginings.

“Memory Play” is an innovative series of three contemporary dance pieces that investigate memory through dance and projections. Each piece studies a distinct aspect of memory: the fragmented recollections of victims of violence, the idealism of nostalgia, and the surreal nature of déjà vu.

Choreographed by Melody Squire
Directed by Jacquie Pepall (Great Lake Films)
Performed by Elizabeth Chong, Tom Woods, Amy Kent, Dee Ovens, Marianne Phillips, James Jenkins &
Twitter: @soldanscompany & @melodysquire
Facebook: SolDansCompany & MelodySquireChoreographer