photo 4Sunday 7 July. B-Hybrid Dance was founded in 2012 by Irish native Brian Gillespie and is formed by a pool of stylistically-diverse dancers. Brian produces contemporary dance that is inspired and crafted from the hybrid of influences, experiences, and interests that the company's members have collected and practiced.


Brian created his first professional work 'Independently Dependent' as part of Resolution! 2013 at the Robin Howard Dance Theatre. This piece was a continuation of a short duet he presented as part of Big Dance's Big Bus tour in summer 2012. Following Resolution! 2013 the company have created and performed their most recent piece 'Foundations' at platforms/festivals such as East London Dance's Blueprint2013 and Collide2013.


Inspired by the power of support, this piece is; ‘..for the people/person that will always attempt to pick you up, stop and guide your wandering train of thought, give you the slap you need, donate their precious time, evaluate and advise on a situation, be brutally honest, and even, simply have you in his or her thoughts...’

Choreographed by Brian Gillespie
Performed by Brian Gillespie, Jumar Aben, Jesicca Parker, Lucy Sam, Jade Hinksman, Eloise Sheldon, Alex Buchanan

Twitter: @BHybridDance
Facebook: B-Hybrid Dance