Sol Dans is a contemporary jazz dance company founded by American choreographer Melody Squire. Influenced by the music and athletic dance styles of her native Chicago, Melody brings a breath of fresh air to the British dance community. Sol Dans premiered in Resolution! 2008 at the Robin Howard Dance Theatre and continues to entertain audiences with emotionally colourful performances.




Photos by Sammi Fang.

Review for Sol Dans at Cloud Dance Festival: Parade:

"Sol Dans, on the other hand, is a company bursting with ideas, and Melody Squire showed in Groundlings that she is a choreographer to be reckoned with. She was born in Chicago, and it shows, with jazz influences running deep in her vocabulary – Groundlings is American energy as we like it, physical and daring. The six dancers come out as tribal creatures, at once birds and panthers, their wild hair and painted bodies an indication of the form of ritual to come. The choreography hurls them into playful, energetic groups, and is only interrupted  by the ribbons of cling film hanging around the stage – giving us the strange, beautiful image of animals suddenly trapped. Watch out for the future choreographic developments of Sol Dans – their escapism is very welcome." - Laura Cappelle