Kinisi Dance Company is a brand new jazz contemporary company directed by Canadian choreographer Charlene Dinger. Originally from Toronto, she came over to the UK three years ago to expand her dance training and career. Realising the abundance of opportunities for young, up-and-coming choreographers to showcase their work, she decided to take advantage and form her own company, giving her fellow dancers and peers a platform to create and perform.

Coming from a strong classical background, Charlene emphasises solid technique within her choreography, and having also trained in jazz and modern, these influences are prevalent throughout her work.

Kinisi Dance Company is looking forward to their performance and thrilled to be a part of Cloud Dance Festival!


Inspired by the Japanese tradition of origam ,‘Crease’ explores the intricate structures and shapes that folded paper holds, striving to bring their spirits to life in this serene and uplifting piece.

Drawing inspiration from their detailed creation 'Crease' experiments with the physical origami forms and their traditional meanings through strong and elegant movements.

Kinisi Dance Company invites you to become lost in a world of origami spirits; where butterflies, cranes and dragons fly, in a hauntingly magical and colourful work.

Choreography: Charlene Dinger
Dancers: Charlene Dinger, Mary Sherwin, Leyla Rees, Vicky Riddoch, Lindsay McAllister, Rosina Andrews, Emily Jade Maycock, Kelly Manning, Kate Hanna, Sup Dhanasunthorn, Kevin James, Simeon John