Cloud Dance
A Thousand Conversations
"Only a hundred conversations
as we didn't have as much time...."


Do not speak unless you can improve the silence.

Or why so many attempts to communicate are

nullified by saying too much.

Choreographer: Dana Kolesarova

Dancers: Jillian Stein, Lisa Hood, Wan-Chen Chang,
 Edyth Cormack, Louise Hanisch, Claudia Selfe,
 Dana Kolesarova, Katie Thies,
Margarita Maniati, Nina Brünner


 With kind thanks: Ciba Barnik, Adeline Yong,
 Chantal Guevara, Fanny Lacoste


Music: Nitin Sawnhey


Cloud Dance
How I Survived Borscht?
"about women, love, despair, onions, beetroot
and a tent. And PJ Harvey's early music."

Choreographer: Amandine Vighi
Dancers: Dana Kolesarova, Amandine Vighi, Jillian Stein,
 Wan-Chen Chang, Chantal Guevara, Fanny Lacoste,
Nina Brünner, Margarita Maniati,
 Ciba Barnik, Edyth Cormack

With kind thanks: Laura Newman


Onion Girl: Chantal Guevara
Music: P J Harvey

Costumes: Abee Abee